Roche parish councillor Dave Yelland has taken up an invitation to visit our pilot plant.

Mar 30, 2022 | British Lithium News

Formerly Head of Science at Fowey Community College, Councillor Yelland expressed keen interest in everything that was going on. Now retired, he was elected to the parish council last year.

“It’s been a really informative tour,” he said. “The British Lithium project is very exciting – not just for Roche but Cornwall as a whole.

“When they’re fully operational, British Lithium expects to be directly employing around 380 people which is great news for us all – but especially for our young people. It’s also very important that the local environment won’t be spoilt in the process.”

“It was a pleasure to show Cllr Yelland around our plant and we look forward to keeping our local community up to date on our progress,” said CEO Andrew Smith.

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