Imerys British Lithium is a joint venture between Imerys (UK) Limited and Lithium Assets Limited (formerly British Lithium Limited) – a rapidly growing and agile lithium resource development company based in Cornwall. We possess patented technology for the sustainable recovery of battery-grade lithium carbonate from micaceous granite.

Currently, we are conducting an extensive pre-feasibility study to develop the world’s first integrated lithium mine, beneficiation plant, and refinery. The project aims to produce 20,000 tpa of lithium carbonate, supporting the annual production of 350,000 electric vehicles in the UK.

Located on land leased long-term from Imerys (UK) Limited, the project encompasses former China Clay quarries, Gunheath, and Goonbarrow, which have a rich history of China Clay mining spanning over 275 years.

We have already established a JORC compliant Inferred Mineral Resource of 160.8 Mt at 0.537% lithium oxide within a micaceous granite. As part of the Pre Feasibility Study, extensive drilling activities, including diamond and reverse circulation drilling, are underway to improve and upgrade the mineral resource estimate. All samples are assessed and processed at the on-site exploration camp.

To support the processing development, we operate a state-of-the-art pilot plant, where we are developing unique LiMica-Sep™ and Li-Sep™ technologies for sustainable lithium extraction from micaceous granite. The facility utilises various process technologies, including mineral beneficiation, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, precipitation, crystallisation, and ion exchange, at both laboratory and industrial scales.

We are on a fast trajectory, actively pursuing ambitious goals, and are therefore recruiting for various roles. If you are interested in joining our team, even if a suitable role is not listed below, you are encouraged to get in touch with us here.


What we Offer

  • A competitive compensation package with numerous benefits.
  • Be part of an entrepreneurial business whilst also being part of the larger Imerys group.
  • An exciting development promising to revolutionise the production of battery grade lithium in Europe.
  • The chance to live and work in the beautiful Cornwall environment – no camping!
  • Imerys British Lithium strives to deliver high standards of work through our core values – safety and teamwork.

    Jobs available now

    Geology and Exploration Manager

    We are excited to offer an excellent opportunity for a motivated Geology Manager to lead the continuous evaluation and development of our lithium project in Cornwall, UK. As the Exploration Manager Geology, you will coordinate and implement exploration plans, manage and supervise exploration activities, and oversee a team of geologists and key contractors. Reporting directly to the CEO from our operations base in St Austell, you will collaborate closely with our metallurgical process and extractive metallurgy teams.

    Your expertise in GIS and other mining software, as well as experience with block models, will be essential for interpreting geological data, generating wireframes, and refining our Mineral Resource through strict adherence to QA/QC. With 10-15 years of field exploration experience, including Diamond and Reverse Circulation Programmes, you will use your knowledge to engage with drilling contractors to optimise program outcomes.

    Your responsibilities will also involve analysing geological data, preparing reports, developing budgets, and monitoring expenditures for exploration projects. You will present exploration results to senior management and provide technical advice while supervising exploration projects.

    As a mentor to junior staff, you will evaluate and interpret various geological data, including geological, geophysical, and geochemical data. Moreover, you will design topographical and geological maps, plan site exploration programs, conduct surveys and mapping, and handle sample and data collection and analysis. Ensuring safety on extraction sites will also be part of your role.

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    Imerys British Lithium is seeking a skilled Metallurgist to play a crucial role in the development and scale-up of IBL’s innovative process technologies for extracting lithium from micaceous granites. The primary focus of this position is to effectively integrate beneficiation process technologies into the process design for the British Lithium Project. Interpreting testwork data and conducting metallurgical and mass balances are critical competencies required for this role.

    In this position, you will collaborate closely with team members, external parties, design engineers, and project stakeholders to define, specify, and mitigate risks associated with the process technology, ensuring the successful delivery of lithium carbonate products to the market.

    A key responsibility of this role is to provide valuable input in scaling up and de-risking the comminution and beneficiation process technologies, while also optimising operating conditions for a seamless commercial implementation.

    As the Metallurgist, you will be based at Imerys British Lithium pilot plant, and hands-on involvement is expected. You will dedicate a portion of your time to assisting with operations and sample preparation at the pilot plant, leveraging insights gained to continually enhance the commercial process design.

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    Principal Process Engineer

    The purpose of this role is to lead the development of Imerys British Lithium’s novel process technologies for refining and purifying lithium from micaceous granites. The role is accountable for successfully integrating refinery process technologies into the process design for the British Lithium Project.

    This will involve leading discussions with external parties, design engineers, and project stakeholders to define, specify, and de-risk the process technology that will deliver lithium carbonate product to the market.

    A key aspect of this role will be to lead the successful scale-up and de-risking of process technologies and operating conditions as they are transferred from the refinery development team through to commercial implementation.

    The Principal Process Engineer will also be a key member of the feasibility team, providing the link between experimental testwork and process design of the full-scale plant.

    Lithium experience is not essential. Potential applicants may come from inorganic chemistry backgrounds. Process experience in either an engineering contracting environment or consultancy organisations in the chemical, metallurgical industry or other related industries. The candidate will have real-world experience in operating chemical and/or processing plants and must leverage this industry knowledge to scale and design the technology. Imerys British Lithium has a focus on availability and operability, and this should be translated into the design.

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    Mining Engineer

    As the Mining Engineer for the British Lithium PFS, you will report directly to the CEO and be responsible for the mining components of the Prefeasibility Study, while maintaining a transversal view of the project to ensure coherence across all aspects (mining, engineering, process, permitting etc) with regards to how the future mining operation will be managed and operated. He/she specifically focuses on mining topics, making sure the planned operations maximise the overall return on investment for British Lithium, while minimising disruption to Imerys ongoing kaolin operations.

    Your main responsibilities will be focused on geotechnical, mining method, and schedule aspects. You will collaborate closely with the IML Mining Technical Manager – Li & Kaolin to obtain necessary information and support for various mining-related tasks.

    Your role is critical in supporting the pre-feasibility study to ensure it addresses all JORC Modifying Factors and meets the standards required for an independent Competent Person’s Declaration of a Minable Resource (Ore Reserve) for a mine life of +20 years.

    You may also be appointed as the competent individual to oversee the quarry’s operation whenever personnel are working in it, making prior experience in a quarry environment essential.

    Promoting best practices in environment, safety, health, and welfare to comply with statutory legislation and company policies will be a significant part of your responsibilities.

    Your support extends to all British Lithium PFS workstreams, optimising the project’s development for the best overall outcome, and actively contributing insights from mining operations, both current and future, considering constraints and opportunities.

    Participation in meetings with local authorities or local stakeholder events upon request by the CEO is expected.

    In addition, your tasks include conducting pit optimisation with various factors, determining equipment selection, designing the mine, and developing a mining roster for the Mining Method and Schedule aspect. For Operational Readiness, you will provide input for personnel mobilisation, review commissioning plans, and create an operational readiness plan to ensure system availability and coherence with existing operations.

    Regarding Opex & Capex, you will develop a detailed mining operations cost model, including water management, based on china clay operations and lithium project mine planning. Your focus will be on defining optimal equipment size, number, and operating time, determining the best mining operation model, setting target productivity for mobile plant, establishing drilling & blasting patterns, and proposing synergies between lithium and china clay operations to reduce unit costs.

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    Pyrometallurgy Specialist

    We are looking for a Pyrometallurgy Specialist to assist in the operation and development of the core process technologies required to bring our lithium project to full scale production.

    As a full-time Specialist, you will act as technical expert for the, roasting, calcining and leaching processes. You will be responsible for developing optimised process operating parameters, equipment selection, and developing and executing test programmes at laboratory and pilot scale to validate process design criteria.

    The role is based at our pilot plant near Roche in Cornwall and will be primarily responsible for all aspects of design development and operation of our preparation, calcining and leaching circuit. As a lean research-driven organisation, all roles are required on occasion to undertake operations, testing, sampling and analysis as required to meet test programmes and project objectives. Depending on the programme, the role may require some flexibility in working hours.

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    Laboratory Assistant

    As full-time Laboratory Assistant, you will carry out a range of sample collection and preparation processes, and assist the with detailed test work using a wide range of metallurgical techniques. You will be expected to fastidiously record and document detailed test work data. You will have the opportunity to learn and apply multidisciplinary skills from our experienced project team.

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