Drilling to define extent of lithium resource

Feb 7, 2021 | British Lithium News

We embarked on a fourth round of drilling in February 2021 to define the extent of the lithium carbonate resource already identified in previous exploration work last year.

Seventeen holes were drilled to a depth of 250 metres, with each metre assayed to determine content and quality. Initial testing took place in our nearby state-of-the-art laboratory before being shipped abroad for more in-depth analysis. 

“The bulk sample analysis we carried out at the end of last year was very exciting in terms of the high grade of metal detected and there is plenty of optimism about what this round of confirmatory drilling tells us,” said CEO Andrew Smith. “Holes are more tightly spaced than those in previous rounds – providing us with detailed information and invaluable data.” 

News of BLL’s latest activity follows hot on the heels of Jaguar Land Rover announcing all Jaguar cars will be electric by 2025 and all Land Rovers by 2030.

“The UK Government’s recently published ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution requires all new cars to be electric in just nine years,” said BLL Chair Roderick Smith. “We have been researching and developing our plan for sustainable lithium extraction in Cornwall for the last three years and have already recruited some of the country’s finest minds to our project.

“When we are fully operational, we expect to be employing hundreds of people directly and thousands more through our supply chain. We also anticipate meeting at least one third of the UK’s annual demand for lithium, whilst protecting the environment. 

“Our progress to date has been excellent and we’re looking forward to seeing what this fourth round of drilling yields.”

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