About Imerys

The world’s leading supplier of mineral-based specialty solutions for industry with €4.3 billion in revenue and 14,000 employees in 2022. Imerys delivers high value-added, functional solutions to a great number of sectors, from processing industries to consumer goods.

The Group draws on its understanding of applications, technological knowledge and expertise in material science to deliver solutions by beneficiating its mineral resources, synthetic minerals and formulations.

Imerys’ solutions contribute essential properties to customers’ products and their performance, including heat resistance, hardness, conductivity, opacity, durability, purity, lightness, filtration, absorption and water repellency.

Imerys is determined to develop responsibly, in particular by fostering the emergence of environmentally-friendly products and processes.

Supporting the energy transition

In addition to the Imerys British Lithium joint venture, Imerys has launched a lithium mining project at its Beauvoir site in Echassières (Allier, France). This project contributes to the dual challenge of the energy transition and Europe’s economic independence. It will contribute to creating an integrated European battery industry for electric vehicles by offering a local solution for one of the most critical materials required, lithium. It is one of the largest lithium extraction projects in Europe, which would offer a long-term solution and meet Europe’s decarbonization goals.